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Home Automation

Make life easier by making your home smarter

If you’re looking for added security, instant convenience or assisted living options, STT Electrical Services have options for you.

What smart options do you have?

  • Security and CCTV
  • Climate Control
  • Home Theatre and streaming
  • Lighting Control – voice controlled and via phone
  • Energy Optimising / Monitoring
  • Voice Controlled Systems

Voice controlled systems

Smart speakers are audio systems that include virtual ‘assistants’. Giving voice commands to the smart speaker/assistant makes the audio system and your other smart home products work. The most popular options are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Each brand has a range of equipment to suit any home – just choose your ecosystem and we’ll work with it.

Take advantage of the best smart options – start now.

We make sure you’re the one in control! Even starting with a basic home ‘hub’, you can make life easier and save time and money by having electronic ‘helpers’ in place. Choose what’s important for your lifestyle, budget and peace of mind and start there. These days, most systems manage ‘add-on’ applications, so your system should be adaptable to emerging technologies as they become available.

STT Electrical Services experts are very happy to discuss your needs and options, and we’re experienced installers of any size and type of home automation.